Spotlight on: Inventory of Kel Techs, Machine Shop.

An impressive shop indeed, here are the specs and inventory of this midsized shop, run by true professionals.

learn more about them at at their cnc machining page

A.R.C. Maintenance Machining
Milling Department

* 9 x 48 Prototrac MX2 / 2 axis CNC ( Bridgeport base )
* 9 x 48 Supermax ( Manual / Bridgeport Style )
* 20.5 x 16 x 17 Fadal VMC 15 / CNC Machining Center
* 9 x 28 x 24 Prototrac Series II Bridgeport
* 29.5 x 16 x 17 Fadal VMC 10XT
* 40 x 20 x 20 Yang VMC Eagle 1000
* EDM Capability

Lathe Department

* 17 x 48 Prototrac LX2 / CNC ( Metric /English Threading )

Multi leads, Acme, Reverse and other specialties

* 20 x 78 Monarch ( Manual / English Threading )
* 20 x 96 Harrison
* 10 x 36 Supermax CNC Turning Center


* 12.0” Diameter Cutoff Saw
* 36” Grob Bandsaw
* 10” Cold Saw


* 8 x 24 Do all Surface Grinder
* 36 x 48 Cincinnati Radial Arm Drill

Heat Treating

* In house heat treating
* Any tool steel item that can fit in our Lucifer Furnace
* 12 x 12 x 12


* Stick / TIG / MIG
* Gas Brazing
* Soldering
* Hardfacing
* Plasma Cutting

1998 Bridgeprt CNC Model TC4 Machining Center
bullet    Travel X30 Y20 Z20
bullet    8,000 rpm spindle
bullet    22 tool magazine

1988 Bridgeport Series 1 Manual Milling Machine
bullet    Variable Speed
bullet    Digital Readout
bullet    Power Feed


HEDELIUS BC100 Travelling Column Vertical Machining Centre
c/w Right Angled Heads & Pendulum Operation
X axis travel 6500mm, Y = 1000mm, Z = 770mm
Heidenhain iTNC530 control
Tool setter with Heidenhain in process measurement
55kW spindle power, 540Nm torque, 50 tool ATC, 40 bar coolant
Max table load 6500kg, rapids X/Y/Z 30 m/min.

QUASER MV204II Twin Pallet Vertical Machining Centre
Siemens ShopMill control
X = 1500, Y = 700, Z = 610mm, 32 position ATC, 36 m/min rapids,
30kW spindle, max rpm 15000, 40 bar thru tool coolant.

MAZAK FH-6000 Twin Pallet Horizontal Machining Centre
c/w 4th axis
X/Y/Z axis travel = 800mm
Mazatrol Fusion 640M Control
30kW spindle power, 40 m/min rapids,
40 tool ATC, 4.5 sec chip-to-chip tool change.

MAZAK Super Quick Turn 300M-Y Multi-tasking Lathe
Max turning dia = 420mm, length = 1025mm, Y axis = 150mm
22kW spindle, max spindle & rotary tool speed = 4000 rpm
Turret capacity = 12 tools.

HYUNDIA Hit18 lathe
Siemens 810D conversational programming
Max turned diameter 270mm, max turned length 500mm
Max spindle speed 3600 rpm
30 m/min rapid traverse
12 station turret
Programmable tailstock
Tool setter, Renishaw in-process workpiece measurement.

CITIZEN M32-V Sliding Head Lathe c/w bar feed
Mitsubishi Meldas 635 control
32mm max bar capacity, 600mm max length with long parts unit
Max spindle speed 8000 rpm, max rotary tool 5000 rpm
13 controlled axes, C-axis on both main and sub spindle,
3 tool simultaneous machining
Tool breakage monitoring and full tool setting,
Renishaw workpiece monitoring
Automatic workpiece unloading and handling.

DMG CTV 400 linear Vertical Lathe
Siemens 840D powerline, Y-axis, driven tools,
400mm chuck, 47kW drive power, 730Nm torque,
Rapids 90 m/min, 1g axes acceleration, machine weight 13000kg.

MITUTOYO Legex 774 Coordinate Measuring Machine
X axis range 705mm, Y = 705mm, Z = 455mm, resolution 0.00001mm

AJAX AM-650HD universal lathe
1300mm swing over bed, 10m between centres,
3 & 4 jaw chucks, 2 & 3 point steadies, face plates,
2 axis DRO, taper turning, 30hp spindle motor.

AJAX Apollo AJQT310/155 CNC/manual lathe
Swing 620mm, 3 metres between centres,
Spindle bore 155mm, constant surface speed,
Fanuc Quick Turn control for tapered threads, radiused profiles.

UNION BFT90 Horizontal Borer c/w Heidenhain DRO
Spindle taper ISO 50, spindle dia 100mm, boring spindle travel 900mm
Spindle speeds 4 – 1600rpm, spindle head travel above table 1120mm,
Longitudinal table traverse 1600mm, cross traverse of table 1250mm,

max weight on table 3000kg, fully reconditioned in 2003.

BUTLER Universal Milling Machine
50 ISO spindle taper, table size 2150 x 750mm, max table load 4500kg
X traverse 1800mm, Y = 980mm, Z = 1000mm, 3 axis DRO.

KIHEUNG KMB-U7 Bed Type Universal Milling Machine
Long travel 125″, cross travel 39″, vertical travel 31″, 50 spindle taper.

AJAX AJT 4-VS-Super Turret Milling Machine
Long travel 862mm, cross 400mm, vertical 406mm,
Spindle range 80 – 4200, ISO 40 taper.

JAKOBSEN SJ24 Surface Grinder
Capacity 24 x 10″ with magnetic chuck, incremental power downfeed.

JONES & SHIPMAN Universal Cylindrical Grinder
10 x 36″ capacity, internal attachment.

ESTARTA Centreless Grinder
Capacity 1.6mm to 50mm diameter.

HECKERT 5′ Radial Arm drill with box table

ADDISON CB250W Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
250mm round bar capacity, hydraulic clamping, swarf remover.


Variety of processes including MIG, TIG, MMA & brazing.


Kerosene degreasing bath
Engis ultrasonic cleaning
Abrasive flow machining
Vibratory deburring

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