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ABS Objects tutorials part one

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Command Sequence
Command: (start one of the Modify commands such as ERASE)
Select objects: W
First corner: (pick first corner)
Specify opposite corner: (pick second corner)
Select objects: (at this point you can either select more objects or to complete the selection set and
continue with the current command.)
Crossing Window Selection
The Crossing Window option is invoked by typing C at the “Select objects” prompt and is a variation of the
Window command. The command sequence is exactly the same but objects are selected which lie entirely
within the window and those which cross the window border.
Implied Windowing
Although you can explicitly invoke the Window and Crossing Window selection boxes by entering W or C at
the keyboard when prompted to “Select objects”, in practice this is rarely done. Both of these selection options
are so commonly used that AutoCAD provides a method of implied windowing so that you don’t have to use
the keyboard at all. You can test this out without using any command. If you pick a point in space on the
graphic window, you will notice that AutoCAD automatically assumes that you want to define a selection
window and uses the pick point as the first point of that window. If you move the cursor to the right of the pick
point you will get a Window selection box (solid line). If you move the cursor th the left you will get a Crossing
Window selection box (broken line). With a little bit of practice the use of implied windowing can make the
whole drawing process very efficient and you will rarely find yourself having to explicitly invoke the window
selection options from the keyboard.
The Undo option
It often happens that you inadvertently add objects which you don’t want to a selection set during its
compilation. When this occurs in the middle of a complicated selection it can be pretty annoying. Fortunately
The Window selection box is shown
as a rectangle with a solid line
Only objects entirely within the
window will be selected
The Crossing selection box is shown
as a rectangle with a broken line
Objects within and crossing the
window will be selected

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