On a Yang ML-15A lathe with fanuc O-T control, the Alarm 1006 turret number was incorrect

The customer had taken apart the turret assembly to perform some repairs. They could not get the turret position timing correct. The prox switch setup on this turret had about 4 prox switches total which went into a single bracket. So the timing in relation to the switches could not be adjusted.  The main dog which was start shaped with 10 positions could be rotated. This dog had holes drilled in it so when the prox drops off in the whole this would tell what position it was in. At the time of service this customer did not have any documentation at all. I was able to figure out that there was two data bits that had to correspond to each other. One was actual proximity switch reading D460 and the other was what the control thinks it actually is at D455.


Set the data bits by setting Parameter write enable to 1 and change D455 and D460 to correspond with the prox settings. Once this was done turret indexed properly. One thing was to make sure the turret number then mathed the prox settings if not. Rotate the star shaped dog to the correct position and change back he bits.

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