Setting spindle orientation on a 15M control after the spindle was replaced on a Mori MH63

Upon arrival the spindle was back together. When attempting to orient the spindle I found that the spindle would slow down then take off for another revolution and keep attempting to find home. This type of spindle had a magnetic type block shaped device bolted onto the spindle with a stationary sensor on it. Being that it was a 15 M control all orientaton pots were on the spindle drive. The customer had palyed with the pots to try adjusting with no luck. They had tried swapping the magnetic pickup around but still did not work properly.

What I ended up doing is tried rotating the magnet again and played with the pots myself with no luck either. What I did then was turn the sensor 180 degrees and wouldn’t you know it she started working. After that I adjusted the pots for low, medium, and high gears and readjusted the zero offset and adjusted the voltages according to a procedure fanuc provided.  Another note there are two leds on the drive. When it is orientated properly at least one will be on. Some times the other is on as well. My apologies since I did not write down the description but you would figure it out if you had the problem.


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