CNC Problems and Solutions


I have a differential encoder ( MPG ) that I need to convert to single
ended. I’m using the 0v and A, but the high is only 3.25 volts. I seem
to remember that you can use a resistor between A & -A but not sure
how to connect the rest or the circuit. I would prefer not to use
another IC if possible.


output of each half of the differential driver.

At the risk of serious abuse from electrical know how members, and
the risk of your MPG and electronics.

Lift the ground 2.5v (between 2, 1k resisters connected between gnd
and 5v)

use one of the outputs A or B through a 100 to 250 ohm resistor (to
limit current from and to the MPG)

a diode to the 5 volt (after the above resistor) to limit the 7 volts
(3.5 + 3.5) into the monitoring circuit. (I assume the A and B signal
swing -3.5 to +3.5 ?)

Unfortunately the electrical expert who works with me is not here the
check this (but saves me from his further verbal abuse


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