Magnecraft Successfully Combines Online CAD Availability with the Power of Parametric Search

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Magnecraft Successfully Combines Online CAD
Availability with the Power of Parametric Search

A new website from the ThomasNet Web Solutions team was “just what the doctored ordered,” according to Matt O’Kane, Business Director and General Manager of Magnecraft. “Both the online catalog and 3D modeling capabilities were exactly what we needed!”

Magnecraft has discovered the value of combining parametric search capabilities in its online catalog with the availability of CAD drawings on its website. The company’s largest distributor has seen a 36% uptick since the Magnecraft online catalog was launched, according to O’Kane. Hear the whole story by viewing O’Kane’s video testimonial on the ThomasNet site.

“The ability to provide 2D and 3D CAD models in invaluable for differentiating ourselves from our competition,” O’Kane said. “We have over 3,000 components in our catalog and we’ve been able to make them available as CAD drawings.” According to O’Kane, companies including Boeing, Chevron and the City of New York are going to Magnecraft’s website and downloading the CAD drawings, contributing to Magnecraft’s 15% month-over-month growth..
The online catalog on Magnecraft’s website ( has helped the company become the leader in its industry. O’Kane says, “ With the online catalog, we are now able to do what no other competitor is able to do – to show all accessories and specifications in one place.”
Acquired by Schneider Electric in 2005, Magnecraft has been creating feature-rich, highly rated and cost-effective relays, sockets and accessories for industrial applications since 1951. For more information about Magnecraft, visit the company’s website at Or visit the ThomasNet website for additional information about ThomasNet’s full suite of advanced web solutions and other programs to promote your business.

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