mini mill to a CNC


I am trying to convert a mini mill to a CNC machine with accumulated
surplus parts. Basically 3 different servo motors from different
manufacturs all of which have adequate torque and encoder resolution.
Each servo drive can be configured to operate in torque mode. In other
words a +-10VDC signal can control the motors.

I have access to MasterCamX

How do I go from 3D CAD files to corresponding servo input signals? Is
it possible to go directly from MasterCamX to servo motors?
What if any interface is needed?

there’s a lot more to a CNC than just servos. First, you need to use MasterCAM to turn your CAD files into G-code, which is directly interpretable by a g-code interpreter. Among the best known are Mach 3, which runs on Windows XP, and EMC2, an open source system that runs on Ubuntu Linux. These in turn output signals through (usually) a parallel port to a breakout board, which feeds the individual signals to the various servo drives. Depending on your setup, you might also need home and limit switches, spindle control equipment, and various accessories. It sounds like you have been acquiring surplus equipment for your setup for quite a while, but you may find that a set of motors and drives that are identical will be much easier to configure and tune. Many different options are available, but many people have had great success with the Geckodrive units.

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