Bomb Proof Honey Comb Tires

resilient tech tiret A new tire has been developed to withstand blasts by IED’s in Iraq, made by Resilient Technologies, LLC, based in Wausau, Wisc. and the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Polymer Engineering Center. With a four-year, $18-million grant from the Pentagon,  they are now working to create a “non-pneumatic tire” (NPT) technology, the name comes from the fact that it doesn’t require air.  The tire is made using hexagon patterns a pattern that often turns up in nature because architecturally it is the strongest geometric shape that can be created.  The angles distribute pressure in such a way that makes it the strongest structure for building. Resilient says it’s too early to say how much the tires will cost or even which polymers they’re using, because they’re still in the prototype phase. (The company installed a set of 37-inch (94-centimeter) NPTs on a Wausau-based National Guard Humvee to test them in April.) Although the military is hoping to put these tires in use as soon as possible. You would have to completely destroy the tire to stop these. The article mentions that this isn’t the first of its kind. Michelin has made the “tweel” before this, sorry guys there are no plans for consumer versions right now.

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