problem with Fanuc A14B-0067-B001 power supplies

I acquired several Fanuc A14B-0067-B001 power supplies, and
they all seem to have a similar problem, which I haven’t been able to
track down yet. When you power them up, the +5VDC on the terminal strip
is OK, but the +24VDC is very low to non-existent. The -15VDC is at
about -11V, and the +15VDC is very low, or non-existent. If I cycle
the supply a few times it might start working perfectly. Perfectly,
except for the slight “sizzling” sound coming from somewhere. Possibly
after the main transformer T14. Has anyone seen this erratic behavior?


if this is a linear power supply the filter capacitors are probably shot and short circuiting
internally. Hence the sizzle sound. Transformers are generally the last things to fail.

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