Top Wired Colleges

Recently my alma mater, Eckerd College, was voted number number 7 in the Princeton Review’s and PC magazines list of Top Wired Colleges.  to put this in perspective MIT was voted 20 and stamford 8. out of all the schools selected Kansas State is the only one to block peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. This is  surprising given the passing of a bill by the House of Representatives in February that would take federal money from schools lacking a policy to discourage P2P use for downloading and distributing copyrighted materials. The bill, the College Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2008, has since passed the Senate and was recently signed into law by the president.  now other colleges may risk losing government funding if they do not comply. luckily most of these schools are small private schools with little government funding as it is.

The IT faculty at Eckerd is always willing to share knowledge and I am glad they are getting the recognition they deserve. some great features that make this one of the most wired schools is.

• Wireless connectivity is available nearly everywhere on the 188-acre campus, whether it’s in a dorm room, classroom, cafeteria or under a palm tree.

• The college boasts its own campus Intranet supported by 59 state-of-the-art servers.

• Should a hurricane or fire strike, classroom and other operations can continue seamlessly with a co-located data center in Tampa. This means few, if any, classroom cancellations because of weather or other disasters.

• And free computer repair is a student perk.

“Last year we fixed about 300 computers,” said George Overly, who runs the repair shop on campus. Once fixed, the shop will install antivirus and antispyware to help students avoid future problems.

• No computer? No problem. Any of the 1,800 students can sign out a laptop, digital camera or video camera.

•  LaundryView ( an intranet program where you can login to your computer and find out when your laundry is done, this can also notify you by cell phone or email.

• every one of these schools offers some sort Antivirus solution, we at Eckerd used sophos antivirus, which when configured properly is very effective.

one negative side of all of this is that sometimes this luxery can make students lazy, or wasteful take this quote from an eckerd student.

Sarah Schweig, 21, who was working in the 24-hour computer lab, marveled over the fact she never had to pay for paper.

“They have it all here,” she said. “All the free printing you want.”

When I was at school i saw a tremendous waste of paper from the students who would burn through boxes and boxes of paper.


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