a closer look at machining the new macbook

we all knew macbooks were milled from a solid block aluminum, know we have an in depth look at the tooling that goes on. from datronBack in my machinist days I was often asked what I did for a living. The response from the average person was usually the same… they had heard the terms “machinist” or “machine shop” but couldn’t really explain what they were or what they did. The interested people that actually wanted to understand my profession would ask for examples of immediate things around us that were machined or produced in a machine shop. Sadly, I often found myself looking around the room struggling to find a single object that was machined. My default answer was to point out that our cell phones were made in plastic injection machines that used dies that were machined, so the phones were indirectly produced by machining. This was an abstract image to them yet pointed out the everyday impact that the machining industry has on our lives. Other times I would tell them that nearly 100% of the parts in your car’s engine are produced in mills, lathes and specialized cnc machinery. The real dopey ones would usually reply, “So you make car parts?”

Forget it.

But now a new and popular product has hit the market that is directly produced through machining on machines we use everyday! Enter the new Apple MacBook Pro. If only this was around back in my machinist days I could have ended the awkward conversations by saying, “The new MacBooks are made in machine shops”. Check out this new video showing the process.


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