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Is It Still Possible To Start Really Small?
A reader recently asked this question: “Can someone make money with one Bridgeport mill? I’m thinking about starting small with one mill in my home shop. Is it worth it? Will I be able to grow and buy more machines?”

Many shops got their start this way. Is it still possible? Would your response have been different a year ago?

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RE: Your Thoughts
Readers Respond
Last month we asked for your New Year’s resolutions. Richard Dolin of Kaydon Ring & Seal Inc., which is based in Baltimore, Maryland, said, “As leadman for the CNC operation, my New Year’s resolution is to get the operation more organized and the people trained to follow consistent methods.” Carrying out this plan includes:

  • Changing tools at scheduled and proven intervals to control the process.
  • Cleaning tooling and returning it to its proper storage space so the next person can find it easily.
  • Tightening what needs tightened without over tightening.
  • Disposing of spent tooling in proper containers.
  • Cleaning and picking up the area even if it was a mess when you got to work.
  • Taking pride in the work.
  • Making sure incoming material and outgoing finished products are properly identified, protected and stored.
  • Making others’ jobs easier and more enjoyable.

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