Greener Gadgets

Greener Gadgets and Core 77 Teamed up for a design competition aimed at generating outstanding design innovations for greener electronics. The top 50 entries were  published online for voting and commenting, and the top 10 were selected to be judged live at the Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City on February 27th.

The winner of the competition was the  Tweet-a-Watt/Wattcher wich won first place.  The device is a hacked Kill A Watt that transmits power consumption using an XBee.  this is one of the few entries that had a prototype ready to go, the design was released as “open source hardware”, meaning anyone can take the design and make it their own, building on to it or adopting it to a commercial product.

From Core 77 Website…

Design Brief

We invited designers to explore the concept of “Greener Gadgets.” Designs sought to minimize the environmental impact of consumer electronic devices at any stage in the product lifecycle. Areas of sustainability to consider included energy, materials/lifecycle/recycling, social impact, and educational development. Designers could focus on a particular area of human enterprise (learning, playing, communicating, etc.) or a particular context (work, home, school, etc.), a particular material, or a specific device. Entries could also seek to create new paradigms for products and services.

About Greener Gadgets

Greener Gadgets, now in its second year, is a one-day conference scheduled for February 27, 2009 and features key representatives from some of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world, innovators from academic thinktanks, members of startups focused on renewable energy, and some of the leading minds in the word of sustainable design and business. For more information, visit


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