Betting on Wind Energy?

There are signs that the United States will soon start making the move to wind power in earnest. However, I suspect that the country lacks the big machining capacity needed to meet the potential demand for large turbine components such as rotor hubs. Do you have the capacity to machine such sizeable parts, and are you poising your shop to support the wind energy market? Or, has the potential for winning new business in this alternative energy segment spurred you to consider adding large machines?

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One thought on “Betting on Wind Energy?

  1. Being located in Northern Colorado, Green energy is a buzz word by the hour. We are a small CNC manufacturing shop with a handful of 3,4, and 5 axis mills. We have additional space with the room and desire to grow through machine acquisition to accomodate the grwoing field but refuse to do so without the work being in place first. We have contacted some of the local power generation companies with no results. A list of contacts or possible ideas on how to approach this situation would be enormously helpful

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