Firebug and SEO

Understanding javascript with the Command line DOM and script tab
Another important feature of Firebug is the Javascript Command line and DOM tree which is beyond the scope of this article, Firebug allows you to browse all the elements in the DOM and inspect that element further in the javascript script tab or html allowing you to quickly locate functions and variables. In the script tab you can also set breakpoints and step through code. The javascript command line allows you to write javascript directly to the page, because javascript runs one at a time(no two functions can run at once) and is weekly typed any line that is written will overload whatever has already run on the page. If you want to learn javascript Firebug is a great tool to do so with features like autocomplete and many more that give a great learning experience.
It will over right what has been already because JavaScript executes one at a time and is weekly. Typed funny how mat cutts is number one spam fighter and he is assigned to be friends with all the seos. Keep your friends close and enemies closer?

SEO in 60 seconds.
Make sure you sign out of Google when you check rankings as they vary. Google rankings is on multiple servers (see map reduce) and they are not always 100% synched all day so results by IP, time of day and other factors also change. What increases ranking most is Links (see pagerank paper) the anchor text for the links determines the keywords links that look like they formed naturally and wouldn’t set off any flags are usually best. Use common sense. Use and understand Google search, Yahoo site explorer, google analytics maybe webmaster tools and light use of some other tools. Get some social media accounts, then have fun with them. Know that www is a subdomain understand this as well as other technical info about servers, html and css.


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