Yestermorrow 2009 Summer Lecture Series

All lectures begin at 7pm, are free, and open to the general public. Held at Yestermorrow, Route 100, Warren, VT. Directions. Questions? Call 802-496-5545

June 24
Jeff Parsons (bio)
What Were We Thinking?
Reflections on how Place, Personality and Process Influence Furniture Design at Beeken Parsons

Hear about and view images of pieces, material procurements & processing, and design process of the fine furniture produced at Beeken Parsons, based in Shelburne, VT.

July 1
Joel Glanzberg (bio)
Patterns: Key to Sustainable Communities
Living in a technological world we often try to address every problem with technological solutions. These solutions are often generically applied. Every place is unique and living. Every problem is connected to every other problem. Trying to solve them in isolation merely moves the problem. In order to understand communities and how to address community issues systemically, they need to be understood as a whole. This can only be done through understanding patterns.

July 8
Jacob Deva Racusin (bio)
Bridging the Gap: Bringing Together the Worlds of Natural and Green Building
The modern natural building movement has been growing slowly but steadily for decades across the globe, yet much misunderstanding still remains about its form, function, purpose, and potential. The growth of the green building movement has helped increase awareness of energy efficiency, building performance, and ecological sensitivity. Developments in natural building and design in our cold climate are addressing these concerns, while continuing to support core issues of social and ecological justice and affordability. Come find out how the natural and green building movements can—and must—learn from and work with each other to reach mutual goals.

July 15
John Ringel (bio)
Thoughts on Designing Additions: From Context to Content and Intention to Invention
An “addition” attempts to transform an “existing condition”–with its unique history—into a new configuration for the present owner’s future aspirations. The Design has to account for the existing context with all its foibles, implications and technical challenges. The Design has to articulate the present intentions both stated and implied. The Design becomes an invention—a product of the imagination—that will be a future owners’ existing condition. This lecture will reflect, with examples, on some of the speaker’s experiences “adding on” to numerous residences over the years.

July 22
Matthew O’Connell (bio)
Continuous Transformations:
Something Old, Something New in Making Next Generation Buildings

This talk will present highlights from twenty years of transforming buildings and discuss the specific mechanics of integrating the design and construction processes with examples from collaborations that produced dynamic environments at various scales, from rooms to buildings and landscapes.

July 29
Dan Reicher (bio)
The Power of Information in a Clean Energy Economy
Dan will discuss his 20+ years of experience in business, government and non-governmental organizations focused on energy and environmental technology, policy, finance and law. He serves as Director of Climate Change and Energy Initiatives at

August 5
Li Ling Young (bio)
Residential Energy When the Energy Runs Out: Beyond Energy Efficiency
You’ve replaced all your lightbulbs with compact fluorescents, insulated your water heater and sealed air leaks in the basement. What’s next? In this presentation we’ll discuss why energy tinkering is not enough. Come hear about the leading edge of energy efficiency. You’ll be invited to think about your next steps to reduce your reliance on purchased energy, the best places to spend your energy dollars, and what happens when one takes energy efficiency to the extreme—or maybe logical—conclusion.

August 12
Melinda Moulton (bio)
Redevelopment of Burlington’s Waterfront:
A 25-Year Journey of Green and Social Design & Construction
Melinda Moulton, the CEO/Redeveloper of Main Street Landing, will share with you her 25-year journey creating a healthy, vibrant, and socially conscious environment on the Burlington Waterfront. From developing a “team approach to design, development, construction, and management” Melinda has taken a unique and unchartered course in creating over 250,000 square feet of built environment on the shores of Lake Champlain.

August 19
Buzz Ferver (bio)
Beyond Compost: Advanced Uses of Compost and Geotextile Materials
Learn about advanced uses of compost and geotextile materials for stormwater treatment, urban gardening, building “living” retaining walls, greenroofs and more. Join compost visionary Buzz Ferver for a night of pictures and stories on how compost can help restore and regenerate the built environment.

August 26
Mark West (bio)
Pressure Building (Concrete Falls in Love):
Flexible Fabric Molds for Forming Cast Concrete Structure and Architecture
Mark will describe a wide range of simple techniques for forming concrete in inexpensive fabric sheets. For the past 20 years, he has developed a series of unique and efficient fabric formwork methods for constructing reinforced con­crete columns, beams, trusses, walls, precast panels, and thin-shell vaults and panels. This work has been developed from a sculptural practice as well as fundamental structural (and construction) logic and is focused on extraordinarily beautiful and practical de­signs given by the natural deflections offered by simple flat sheets of fabric loaded with concrete.

I recently did a workshop with this lady, if your into green things like this post your going to want to check this out. I never believed in this crap until I met this women on a business trip. To top it off she looks like the Oracle from the Matrix.
Edy K hypnosis in ohio


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