Dark Cover- Cracking the GCode

Dark Cover

So Dark Cover, why the mystery behind your identity?

In the next few weeks, that will be made clear. It’s a very real CNC breakthrough for job shops. As for my role in it all, I started out as a machine tool programmer and operator, so I’m familiar with the so-called conversational CNC trend. It wasn’t until I got involved in beta tests for this new kind of CNC that I witnessed the potential of CNC in terms of faster setup times and accelerated operations, both from the standpoint of the machine and the shop floor.

What is RELIC CNC and why would they want to keep you quiet?

It’s not in the interest of the entrenched CNC to make waves, let alone acknowledge a new and better control. Job Shops tend to accept whatever control comes on a machine and that’s why RELIC CNC is feeling threatened. Job shops are familiar with RELIC and know what to expect even though the control is needlessly g-code intensive for many basic jobs. It’s good enough. It’s old reliable. Only now here comes this leapfrog CNC onto the market, built especially for higher job shop production, and RELIC is serious about protecting a market they feel they own.

How is the new control different than traditional G-Code driven CNC?

The new control takes graphically guided blocks of programming to the logical extreme, so a lot of jobs can be done with about half as many input steps, compared to a partly conversational RELIC CNC. Just as important, a smarter HMI design brings a higher level of operational efficiency. The new control uses g-code programming for complex jobs, but for any and all jobs, the interface is much more efficient because it is extremely logical and simple.

What surprise functionality can job shops expect from the new CNC?

All will be revealed before the EMO show in Milan, Italy. I can tell you this much, job shop owners and machine tool operators will be equally impressed about such performance leaps as 80 Bit Nano-FP Accuracy, Advanced Surface, Kinematic Transformations, and such advances as shopfloor communications, production status text messaging, and other cool advancements. For more details to come, your readers should check out www.crackthegcode.com


4 thoughts on “Dark Cover- Cracking the GCode

  1. 80 bit nano-FP? 80 bit floating point is decades old and what does it have to do with anything real in a machine shop?

    1. Maybe its old technology for PC’s but not for CNC ‘s . The fact is that most CNCs are years behind the PC technology. A CNC capable of 80 bit floating point will have REAL implications on the precision of the workpiece produced.

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