Siemens Announces New CNC Controller

Siemens announced the details of their new CNC controller today under the guise of their crack the Gcode saga. Jane Peterson is reporting on a “top secret” technology, which is actually Siemens new 828D. Their is an elaborate story line of the reporter, following a top secret lede while being chased down by “Relic CNC,” a company that wants to preserve the “old and outdated” CNC technology through some sort of conspiracy. It certainly is interesting and from what I have seen the  new controller lives up to the campaign.

“While being whisked away by security to a secure location, Jane’s informant tells all in this dramatic escape video footage. An even bigger surprise comes when the van door opens and they realize they are at Siemens.”

Click here to see this video captured by CNC EyeTeam’ finest.

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