Michigan to add 500 new Green Jobs

Leading PV Technology and solar-polar manufacturer, Suniva, plans to invest $250M in the Saginaw, Michigan area.

Emma Hughes, from PV-tech.org, wrote:

Michigan Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm has announced that Georgia-based Suniva will invest US$250 million in a new solar manufacturing facility in Saginaw County’s Thomas Township.  With this development, Suniva will create 500 new jobs over the next five years subject to receiving a Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantee, which the company recently applied for.

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm “Today we welcome Suniva to our growing list of world-class green manufacturing leaders that are establishing operations here,” Granholm said.  “They’re coming here for the skilled workforce, strong work ethic and competitive business climate that are synonymous with Michigan.”

The Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA), on Michigan Economic Development Corporation recommendation (MEDC), has approved a PV Michigan Business Tax (MBT) credit valued at US$15 million over five years.  Michigan’s PV MBT credit provides a refundable tax credit for the construction and operation of a facility that develops and manufactures solar PV technology, PV systems or PV energy.

“For the United States to reach its potential as a leader in renewable energy, it must support not only new innovative technologies, but also must revitalize its manufacturing base to aid these technologies in achieving swift scale,” said John Baumstark, CEO of Suniva.  “All states have a powerful role to play in bringing new jobs and new technologies to market, and we applaud Michigan’s efforts.
from joe at Tool and  Dieing Blog


One thought on “Michigan to add 500 new Green Jobs

  1. Plenty of laid off auto workers around there to fill those 500 positions. I wonder how long it will take for them to try to get the UAW into the new mfg. facility?

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