launches New Design for Website

ThomasNet, the leading business to business site are rolling out a new look to their flagship website, to finish up a great year in 2009.  This redesign is the result of ongoing multivariable testing and conversations with their users results to improve the layout to better designed to serve their users.

Brendan O’Connell the contact and admin for the website, sums up the redesign in this way,

“The success of Thomsnet hinges on adhering to the principles of user centric design. Serve and respond to the user and the rest will follow.”

Catalyst Group  New York, the  company that ran a widely reported usability study comparing Google to Bing, was also employed in the redesign process to conduct lab based usability testing with Eye Tracking and “talk-aloud”, to help complete the research picture – supplementing what users “say” with what their eyes “see.”.  This information was incorporated into the new site, making it easier to navigate and search for products.

Another major improvements to the site come with page speed performance.  The new site has been tested to load 50% faster, which is not only good for search engines but for users as well. recently announced that web page loading speed may become a significant ranking factor in 2010  


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