Cupcake CNC DIY Kit

Makerbot came out with this cool DIY CNC kit for under 1000 dollars ($950.00), that seems to be the lowest you can get one these days and the CupCake comes with some interesting features.

Below is from the MakerBot website. They don’t pay me for this!

includes: Fully assembled stepper drivers, extruder controller, and motherboard. No more SMT soldering! You will still need to solder the a few wires in the Plastruder kit.

This kit has almost everything you need to build a MakerBot CNC and get started in DIY digital fabrication. Not only have we included all of the parts you need to build a CupCake CNC, but we’ve also included the specialized tools that you’ll need to put it together and have the build go smoothly. Imagine: a leisurely day of fun with a couple friends, and you’ll have your very own 3D printer. The future is within your grasp.

The main guts of this kit, are the Basic Kit parts:

* The lasercut parts to assemble a CupCake CNC machine.
* 3 x NEMA 17 motors to drive your machine
* The nuts, bolts, and various hardware to assemble it.
* The belts and pulleys for it to move things around.
* All the bearings to make your machine nice and smooth.
* The highest quality precision ground shafts for the X and Y axes we could find.
* Pre-assembled 3rd Generation Electronics to drive it better, faster, and stronger.
* A magnetized, detachable build platform to make removing your finished prints easier.
* A pinch-wheel Plastruder to make things in plastic with.
* 1lb of natural ABS to get you started printing in 3D.

Additionally in the Deluxe Kit, we include lots of extras to make your kit building experience easier:

* a USB2TTL cable to talk to it
* cat5e cables to wire things up
* a standard ATX power supply
* a tools kit with all the hex keys, wrenches, and other bits you need to construct it.
* an additional 5lbs of black ABS plastic so you can print your heart out (in addition to the 1lb of ABS)
* an extra acrylic build surface, and a spare build platform
* SD card to buffer your prints

Click here for full documentation and sources.

Note: batch numbers are just a logical grouping to help us with the manufacturing process and to help owners identify their bots. There are no major differences between batches.

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