Education with Heinz Putz: Rigid Tapping

I am a great believer in making things as simple as possible.
When I teach, I not only try to teach how to do it, but also to explain why you do it a certain way. I figure if you know the WHY, you can better help yourself if you run into a problem.
In the case of Rigid Tapping, Here is the way I will teach it from now on, including explanations.
What always puzzled me is why the spindle stops prior to the tapping motion.
Here is my program from now on:
G90 G80 G40
T1 M6
G54 G0 X1.0 Y1.0( No speed programmed, if you do start the spindle, the control shuts it off to synchronize for rigid tapping, then has to restart)
G43 H1 Z1.0 M8
M29 S320 M3( Tap is .5 diam. with 20 TPI, its running at about 40 SFM for Mild Steel)
G84 G99 R.2 Z-.75 F16.0
M28 G80
G91 G28 Z0
G28 X0 Y0

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