CNC Plasma Cutting

What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a process of cutting steel and other metals of different thickness using a plasma gun. A plasma gun is also known as Plasma Arc or Plasma torch. Inert gas is blown at a very high speed out of the nozzle, and at the same time an electric arc is formed through that gas from the nozzle to the surface being cut, turning some of the gas into plasma. The generated plasma is sufficiently hot to melt the metal being cut and also moves so fast to blow away the molten metal from the cut.

Plasma cutting is used in different applications and is an effective means of cutting thin and thick materials alike, hand-held guns can usually cut up to 2 inch (48mm) thick steel plate, and stronger computer controlled guns can cut metals up to 6 inches (150mm) thick.

What is CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

A CNC plasma cutting machine is an example of automatic and high efficiency cutting equipment. It is widely used in all kinds of Carbon materials, Stainless steel, Iron sheet, Aluminum sheet, Galvanized sheet, Titanium plate, and non-ferrous precision sheet metal cutting.

What is CNC Plasma Cutting Table?

CNC plasma cutting machines usually come with CNC Plasma cutting tables. The CNC plasma cutting table is a robotic table that incorporates the use of the hand help cutter. It is easy to maintain and also offer few additional features. Some of the features are listed below.

Features of CNC Plasma Cutting Table:

1) Variable speed and gears that can provide accurate motion in any direction
2) Rigid, yet lightweight parts that offer variable speeds of cutting and precise cutting with each speed
3) Some incorporate height capabilities to where the tip will not get hung up and in the end, no human interaction

Each manufacturer of a CNC plasma cutting table offers their own system to go with it. The computer software program, etc, is designed to work together with the table. As a whole unit, these systems can help to improve the business by offering unique capabilities which can be used to produce one of a kind masterpieces or specialty parts. The CNC plasma cutting tables offers repetitive capabilities that are precise with each and every cut. This type of computer numerical controlled technology and robotic technology that has been combined together to develop a system is absolutely unbelievable and unbeatable.

Some of the Advantages using this CNC Plasma cutting table:

1) Increase productivity while eliminating production costs and waste material cost.
2) Being able to use more of the materials by cutting all needed elements out of the same sheet.
3) Save the program for a specific project and can be used later with the assurance that the end product will be exact same as the one produced earlier.

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