Defense Distributed 3D Prints a Gun in Front of Capital Building in Texas: or Who Needs a Gun that Big?

Drawing from the very constitution itself activists are calling for a right to bear arms. When Jefferson and Franklin were talking about this they didn’t have Uzis AR-15s or even AKs they had crappy black powder guns that today a kid could buy without a license. What gun laws are talking about today is taking away these weapons of mass killings and mass murder.  In other news some guys print a gun in a form of protest  the Texas State Capitol in Austin yesterday set on pushing lawmakers to ease up on open-carry gun laws, and the main attraction was a 3D printing CNC machine, the Ghost Gunner.  With this device the activists proceeded to ‘3D print’ a gun right in front of the Capitol building.

photo by come and take it texasThe gathering was organized by Come And Take It Texas, or CATI, and the group says it’s “been the front line for gun rights since their inception two years ago.” The bill was filed by state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, and he says BH 195 is aimed at eliminating the state’s handgun licensing requirements.

tumblr_inline_nf1oyfC7CQ1rwpoc4Though you can legally buy all sorts of guns in Texas often without a license in unregulated gun shows, Texas is one of only six US states where citizens are not allowed to openly carry handguns.

The rally, held in support of a bill filed by state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, is part of a push to scrap the state’s handgun licensing requirements during the upcoming legislative session. Stickland did not immediately return a request for comment.AThe Ghost Gunner, it’s made by Defense Distributed, famous crowdfunded company first to enter the 3D weaponry printing arena. 

DD’s first project was printing the Liberator as part of its crowdfunding effort, and the desktop CNC Ghost Gunner is the next generation for DD.

“Anybody can purchase one of these to print firearms in their own homes,” Murdoch Pizgatti, president of CATI, told NBC News.


Pizgatti said that Come and Take It intended to start a public conversation about laws limiting the use of tools like the Ghost Gunner and the 3-D printing of firearms.

“This is the frontline,” he said. “The 3-D printing … [is] going to be cheaper, more accessible to the average person so people with less technical skills will be able to start doing this for themselves.”

He rejected any suggestion that manufacturing firearms at the Capitol rally might hurt overall support for gun rights.

“Obviously it’s not confrontational, it’s just drilling a couple holes in a piece of metal,” he said. “We heard the same thing when we started open carrying our rifles … and here we are two years later with the open carry laws sponsored, ready to go to the House and Senate and a new governor that has told the media he would sign an open carry law as soon as it reaches his desk.”

The Ghost Gunner uses an aluminum block that’s referred to as “80 percent lower” – a piece which can be purchased for less than $100 – as you can see in the video below you can purchase this piece without a license from any gun store and it is the only piece you need to purchase to make your automatic, you can then begin to mill your receiver in around 15 minutes. Defense Distributed calls the Ghost Gunner project “a non-profit, open source hardware effort.” They add that the Ghost Gunner schematics and design files will be published into the public domain. Based on “crypto-anarchic” principles, this has nothing to do with bitcoin this has nothing to do with crypto this has to do with 3D printing and it has to do without people who feel they need large guns. Do what you want just keep them at home in your closet. There is absolutely 0 reason any one should have one of these on the streets, it should be grounds for life in prison. While they are at it they can free all the nonviolent drug offenders to make space, as drugs will be easier to get then ordering a movie off of Netflix soon.

The device uses 3D printable jigs to hold the receiver part in place as CNC milling steps are completed. When milling an 80% AR-15 lower receiver, the company says two jig pieces are required to secure the lower in place as the ‘trigger pocket’ is milled, and two more jig pieces are used to drill the trigger pin holes.

Defense Distributed says that, in general, using their device to manufacture semi-automatic firearms like the AR-15 lower receivers is legal for private individuals. They add that some states and municipalities restrict either the manufacture of certain firearms, or more recently, the personal manufacture of a firearm with a 3D printer or CNC machine.

As for federal laws, they prohibit the manufacture of firearms for future sale without a Federal Firearms License. According to the ATF, allowing others the use personal CNC equipment may constitute manufacturing, so Defense Distributed tells Ghost Gunner owners to avoid printing firearms for other individuals.


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