CNC Machining Guns

Beretta 92FS

92fs Beretta frame

I personally happen to be anti gun, I believe people should not kill each other so there is no need for handguns.  but Switzerland, a Utopian society is a good example of how the 2nd amendment maybe should have worked.  every male (and voluntary females) is required to be part of the militia, and they are issued weapons and gear accordingly to keep stowed properly or else! yet there is little crime and everyone keeps their doors unlocked.  this site, was created by a true gun enthusiast [Justin’s] been CNC milling his own gun parts for quite a while. We’ve been a fan of his work simply because of the technical challenge that this sort of milling presents. Even if you’re anti-gun, you should check out the work he’s been turning out. Pictured is one of his early projects: a 92fs Beretta frame in the process of being milled from a solid block of aluminum. Our friend the gun nut is insanely jealous of his anodizing AR45 lower project.
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